1) Welcome to the Visibility Book Lab! Book-Brand-Business (5:33)

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The secret goal is a year from now a shelf with all of your books! Will yours be there?


Countdown Clock for Cycle 1 of the Visibility Book Lab!

(If you start on a different date, your 90 days starts now... Whenever NOW is for you!!)

Welcome, Goddess-

You did it!

I know that you are simultaneously EXCITED and TERRIFIED.

Take a deep breath.

Everything in you is saying to run, quit and hide again because that is safe.

That is the safety you know.

Take a deep breath.

I want to challenge you to bet on you.

Stay the course.

You can do this

If it is true for one, it is true for all.

I believe in you.

This is your time.

No more hiding and shrinking.

No more playing small.

No more being invisible.

Let's do this!

This is going to be a powerful, life-changing journey,

Love and magic,


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