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Welcome to the Sacred Goddess Self love Starter Kit, beautiful!

This kit was created with love by me. Abiola Abrams, along with the goddesses and the ancestors, just for you. This Sacred Self love Kit is all about embodying the goddess within and to get you on the path with alignment, with your divine, feminine, your sacred, feminine energy, and help you to raise your vibration to that of manifestation and creation. Start with the, "I am Goddess Manifesta" and the "Temple is Within You" cheat sheet, both of which are from my first Hay House book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self Love, Prosperity and Joy.

They're also in alignment with my African Goddess Rising Oracle cards, also from Hay House. Then you're going to move into the Oshun's Sacred Secrets Workshop, which is a workshop that I gave for the first time. For a first time online. I've done it in person at a number of locations, including the London College of Psychic Studies. But it's the first time I did it on line as a whole workshop with audience interaction for the shift network.

So you're going to get to participate in that for your comfort. I've included the video, the audio, as well as the transcript. The Oshun's Sacred Secret Workshop is all about helping you again to dive deep into that forgotten unloved, buried, rejected part of yourself.

Then I share an ancient goddess, self love, ritual, the goddess self-love self renewal, blessing ritual. This is a ritual that actually I did not include in African Goddess Initiation, but it's a ritual that I think is perfect for you here at the threshold of your journey. Then I'm including 7 printable goddess pages for you with morning and evening routines, a pep talk for the challenging days, spread love and magic journal page or release the clutter journaling sheet, goddess self care tracker and a sleep tracker.

And then because our Goddess energy is about pleasure and play, fun and joy and good times, including some goddess coloring pages for you, principals as well. So you want to get some crayons, markers, paint, whatever works for you and print these out. If you don't have a printer, you can have them printed anywhere and then just go for it.

I included goddess coloring pages for the moon goddess Ngame of the Akan people, the goddess Atete of the Oromo people, the triple goddess, the hand of the ancestors, Goddess Yemaya, the Yoruba and your goddess self portrait assignment, as well as the sacred baobab tree. And those are 7 printable goddess pages.

Then I have 2 goddess playlists for you plus resources for you to go deeper on your goddess journey. So there is my Enter Your Goddess Temple Meditation Program from Hay House, which is also available on the Hay House Unlimited Audio App. There is also my African Goddess Initiation book and they African Goddess Rising Oracle cards and the Goddess Temple Circle Mystery School.

Sawubona, my goddess sister, that means we see you.



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