About this Session with Oshun


Wisdom of the Ancestors for Loving Yourself and Manifesting Your Power

With Abiola Abrams

Use the wisdom of your ancestors and the Divine Feminine to spark, maintain, and fulfill a deep love affair with yourself that will change the world.

  • Understand the Goddess Oshun’s seven key secrets for sparking, maintaining, and fulfilling a deep love affair with yourself.
  • Explore the wisdom of your ancestors and of the Divine Feminine to connect more deeply with a sense of self-love and the power to manifest the life you dream of. 
  • Connect experientially with the reality that self-love is the first step for loving the Divine, loving your community, and loving the Earth in a way that transforms everything. 
  • Gain deeper theoretical understanding of the degree to which the world we live in is shifting in real time, and learn skills and tools for infusing this experience of extreme change with love, power, and a romance with the Divine Feminine.

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