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Delve into the mystical realm of ancestral wisdom with a journey that empowers you to forge a profound bond with the oracle within. Discover the art of interpreting signs and symbols bequeathed by those who came before us, harnessing their insights for personal growth and decision-making. Through engaging lessons and hands-on practice, this course teaches you the secrets of tapping into ancestral knowledge using various oracle tools, including cards, runes, and pendulums. You’ll learn the history and cultural significance of ancestral oracles, develop your intuition, and master the technique of crafting and phrasing questions to receive clear, insightful answers.

Embark on an adventure that’s about more than just acquiring skills – it’s an invitation to experience a transformative connection that transcends time. Applying these ancient methods in a modern context, you’ll uncover the power of past wisdom in your daily life, from enhancing self-awareness to making empowered choices that resonate with your soul's journey. Whether you're a seasoned spiritual explorer or just curious about the ancestral energies that influence us, this course is your key to unlocking a richer, more guided personal and professional life through the enduring knowledge of the ancients.


Honor your ancestors before considering asking them for help. There are many ways for you to venerate them. Speak their names, visit them graveside, set up an ancestral altar and/or shrine, pour libations, give them an offering like ancestor money, write a praise poem, tell their stories, set their place at the table on special occasions, tap into their wisdom with divination, connect through nature, communicate directly, heal their lineage by healing yourself, dream visitation, make a family tree, forgive them, learn their spirit language and read the signs, use envisioning and channeling and awaken your own asé.


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ABIOLA ABRAMS brings to her role as an educator in the "Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Connection Kit" course a profound lineage of knowledge and spiritual intuition. As an acclaimed author, intuitive coach, and creator of the transformative African Goddess Rising Oracle deck, her expertise is deeply rooted in ancestral wisdom. Her inheritance of healing, seeing, and agricultural traditions from her Guyanese heritage, with ties to West African nations, imbues her teachings with authenticity and ancestral power.

The passion Abiola holds for empowering individuals through self-love and spiritual connection is at the core of her educational endeavors. With an academic background in sociology and creative writing, complemented by an MFA, she weaves together scholarly insight with profound spiritual practice. As the visionary founder of the Womanifesting platform, podcast, and Goddess Temple Circle, Abiola's commitment to guiding others in forging a divine connection with ancestral wisdom is unparalleled, ensuring that her teachings resonate deeply and lastingly with her students.


Harnessing the Ethereal Wisdom of the Ages


Unlocking the Time-Honored Oracle Traditions


Deepening Your Instinctive Oracle Insights