Abiola's Wallet Assignment (From Instagram @abiolaTV)


You deserve to be fully and divinely well-compensated for all of the magic that you make in the world. Your wallet is a metaphor for your SPIRITUAL relationship with money, abundance, prosperity and divine compensation.

So what's your wallet situation? Is she loved, worn, old, new, a perfectionist or rarely used? Is your wallet bulging with old receipts and expired credit cards? Do you know how much cash you even have in your wallet right now? Is your wallet an after-thought?

Today's ritual is to feng shui your wallet. What do i mean by that? I just mean that you have going to pour love and respect on your wallet and transform her into a sacred space.

You may want to begin by smudging/clearing your wallet with sacred incense or essential oils. You may choose to play great music and dance around as your rearrange and organize your wallet. You can let her get energized on your altar or see her as an ABUNDANCE ALTAR. You can keep crystals in your wallet, like rose quartz.

I suggest that you write at least 3 (THREE) abundance affirmations and tuck them into your wallet. You can also include affirmation cards like I did. Love up on your wallet. See her as the physical manifestation of all of the abundance - money and prosperity -- coming your way.

THEN - I wanna see your magic! Either share your revamped and feng shui'd wallet in our Facebook Sister Circle or on Instagram or Twitter @abiolaTV #spiritpreneur. There's also an audio lesson for today in the course.

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