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How to Become a Life Coach & Start a Profitable Coaching Business from Scratch

Today I'm going to be breaking down for you how to start a profitable coaching business from scratch. So let's get started because I have a “No More Broke Coaches Movement”. I have been a broke coach. I have friends who have been broke coaches, and I say, no more to that. Whether you say yourself a coach, a healer, a trainer, a consultant, or practitioner, you deserve to have a successful and profitable practice. People are waiting for your magic.

I have six steps for you on how to start a coaching business from scratch and how to make it profitable. So number one, I wanted to talk about certification because often when you're getting started your first question is, “Well, should I get certified?” As someone who has a coaching certification as well as several other degrees I am very happy about my coaching certification, very happy about my degrees but I don't think that every single person needs to be certified.

This is something you're going to have to decide for yourself. It's a very personal decision. For example, if you have been a leader in your field, for example if you are a speaker and you've been a speaker for ten years and now you are going to become a speaker's coach, then you probably don't need to have a coaching certification in order to be able to coach in that niche.

On the other hand, if it's a niche where you're unfamiliar or you're wanting to be a healer, I think that it's always great to have some training in what you're doing. I think that it's always thoughtful for the people that you are going to later be in service to for them to know that you put everything into being able to bring them the best of you.

Although I have a bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, and a Master coaching certification in neuro-linguistic programming I use a lot of different other tools in my coaching practice from EFT tapping to self esteem and belief re-patterning work. I used a number of different tools; some of which I'm certified in, some of which I learned in working with my coaching clients all over the world. So you may find the same that you would want to a combination of certification and your own expertise to bring your ideal clients the best of you.

Number two is expertise. Expertise. What is your area of expertise? Now you may want to just hang out a shingle that says, life coach, or trainer or health coach or business coach; and I'm here to say, no. Good start but no. You want to be niched down as much as possible. What that means is that you want to have a coaching specialty because what we are going to buy into, those of us who want your services is your area of expertise. Your area of expertise is what you is going to distinguish you when you're saying, "Oh, my God. Everybody's a coach," but everybody's not a coach in your niche. Everybody's not a coach in your specific field. So what problem are you going to solve with your area of expertise?

Number three, that brings us to your ideal clients. The more specific that you are about who your ideal clients are the more easy you’re going to make it for them to find you because you want to thrive in coaching business and a thriving practice with lots of incredible ideal clients that you are helping them to have a transformation in whatever area of their lives, your specialty and expertise is in, and they are happily paying you for that. So there is a positive value exchanged. Yes!

So, with your ideal clients you want to be as specific as possible. I know that this is really, really scary because you feel like, "Oh, no. Am I going to leave money on the table?" And so, a lot of beginning coaches do just like I did and kind of say, "Come what, come on. I will help you." So while you may be able to help a wide variety of people and a wide variety of areas, your practice will do much better and your skill set if you are able to be very specific. Go deep, not wide when it comes to choosing who it is your business is going to serve.

So for example, my coaching business is specifically to serve my amazing tribe called the spiritpreneurs, my spiritpreneur goddesses. So I worked specifically with soul cantered women leaders and I am a self worth midwife, and a life manifestation coach for spiritpreneur women, spiritpreneur women leaders. Now, you may be like, "Wow, that's way specific," or, "Wow, what do those things mean?"

But guess what? My ideal clients know what they mean. So if you are going to be a dating coach just for men who are in their 50's and making a new start, or you're going to be a health coach just for women who are in their 20's who have diabetes, those things may seem small but there are people who are looking for you and by them knowing that you specialized in their area of expertise then you can go deep with them and you can then create products and services and programs that specifically speak to their issues. So it is amazing and I'm, ahh, the only thing that I would do differently would be to niche down sooner because like I said I had the fears of, "Oh, no. Am I going to be leaving money on the table?"

But my specific tribe of amazing people, you know, the amazing women that I am blessed to serve through my womenifesting university, my Goddess affirmation cards, may award winning books, my programs, my products are in tuned with me. So, for example, with my Abundance Pray Love Retreat in Bali we're going to start out on full moon, around the full moon having a healing circle working with the Balinese healer. Instead of passing a talking stick I have a beautiful crystal ball that we're going to pass around and I have a specific, I'm working with my partner on the retreat, Australian healer, Medina and we are going to shift energy. We are going to create transformation in Bali.

Now, for those who are turned off by that or turned away by that because some people are, they're not for me. They're not for my tribe. So, I shared that with you just for you to know you're not for everybody. Everybody's not for you, and it is okay.

Number four. You want to create a curriculum and you want to package it up. So one of the things that I'm going to be doing for example with my spiritpreneur warrior business sisterhood which is my Master mind group of women leaders who are building their businesses just like yours is that we are going to be building programs and products, and packaging their expertise.

The easiest way that you can do that is come up with your unique system. What's your unique branded system? Come up with five steps for your system, you know, just like I'm sharing these six steps here for how to start a coaching system from scratch, so what is your system; and then package it, your curriculum, your formula, whatever it is because many people who will need your services don't know that they need coaching. Most of the time we may have a challenge, you and I know about coaching. Well, other people don't. They just want a solution to their problems.

For example, if I am a 30 something divorcee and I'm getting back in the dating field, I may not know that I needed one of a dating coach. But if you sell a program that says, "How to Maximize Your Online Dating Profile," oh, suki-suki now. Sign me up. You see.

You want to be able to create programs and things that speak it to your ideal client in your area of expertise that package your curriculum. So it all comes together.

So next up, number five. If you're wanting to start your coaching business from scratch and make it profitable then you are going to have to stop trading hours for dollars. Here's what that means. I love working with one on one clients and I am blessed right now to be able to pick and choose and say, "Okay, there's only a handful, literally a handful of people that I work with one on one on an extended basis." Now, I also have the benefit and privilege of being able to work with wonderful women leaders with my VIP days where we get together and we work in a shorter period of time, shorter more focused period of time. I also am privileged to work with women in my programs like the spiritpreneur warrior business sisterhood that I told you about where we meet in a group. It's a group coaching program.

Then, I have pre-recorded programs and services that people can take part in; and then have access to me in a private Facebook group; or do a DIY self study and just have access to me through the program itself, through the pre-recorded lessons. Then, what you do when you create a sweet of programs and services in that way, again, packaging up your expertise into a curriculum for your ideal clients is that you're then making money while you're sleeping. You're then having multiple streams of income and passive income streams. So during this time while you and I hanging out and having this amazing conversation, boom. Somebody just bought my affirmation cards. Boom, someone just bought coaching business in a box. Boom, someone just bought my spiritprenuer warrior business sisterhood. You see what I mean? People are buying and I'm serving them because I'm giving them my expertise but I'm here with you. So I'm not just strictly trading my hours for dollars. You got it?

So that is your way to build a not only a successful coaching practice but a successful business and to top into your abundance and to reach more people because if you have a goal like I do to reach ten million women, my goal is to reach, empower, inspire, enlighten, bring a smile to, bring empowerment to, change their lives, have shifts and transform ten million women, I cannot go to door, or maybe I could to find ten million women. But through my programs, through the things that I put out there, through me speaking on stages around the world, you know, all of those things add up and I think of each connection as place of light in the world, and so that is the way to not only like I said bring in your abundance but to answer your calling and your fullness. Yes.

No more reluctant leadership and no more broke coaches.

Alright, so then, number six. Get your butt out there. Get off your sofa and get out there. Now a lot of why, you know, I was a broke coach and my friends were broke coaches, you may be a broke coach, but you're not, cancel cancel. Not putting that out there. You were tapping in into your abundance and you will be abundant beyond measure. But the reason is that a lot of us have issues with selling. We don't want to sell. Well, guess what? People don't want to be sold to.

So, instead, what you do is you create an offering. You go out and you get to know people. We do business with people we know, like, and trust. So right now you and I are hanging. We're getting to know each other, right? When you put comments below and you did put like and subscribe, right? But when you put comments below and we hang out on my Facebook group and you go to unblock my coaching and you take my free course, we're getting to know each other. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust.

So the way that you get out there is by doing Facebook live conversations, by broadcasting on Periscope and Instagram, and Twitter, well Twitter is Periscope; by being here in YouTube live, by being in forums and Facebook groups and being on stages, by your books, by your light, being out there in the world, you have to put yourself out there.

Now, I've done videos before on fear putting yourself out there and I linked to one somewhere here and self sabotage but your light is needed. So you can do it at whatever way is safe for you but you really got to break out of that comfort zone, you really really do.

The beautiful thing is when you stretch your comfort zone a little and a little more and a little bit more, you are closer and closer to being the goddess genius god magnificent manifester that you were born to be.

So I have lots of goodies for you. I've got a webinar that is going to let you know teach you how to Ten X your coaching business and the way that you can find out about that is by taking my free course and getting my free kick-start at coachingunblock... oops, let me start again,

And, if you are feeling like, alright, Abiola discharge me up but I'm going to go pro right now, alright, head on over the and get your coaching business in a box kit that has letters and templates that you need to start your coaching business. But it also has lessons on how to start, grow, or save your coaching business, how to take it to the next level.

So for all of the great free stuff that's going to get you on your way. But, if you are already ready to turn pro, go on over the

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